White Horse CFV.Still008This blog is now focused solely on my passions; writing, indie publishing, travel,  creativity, well being and what ever else crops up.

I’m specifically focused on a journey of building an indie publishing imprint (Dark Paradigm Publishing) with the main body of work being fiction under the pen-name of Jay Tinsiano.

I have been living and working remotely in order to see more of the world and am currently in Medellin, Colombia.

I’m all over ebook publishing and promotion (fiction and non fiction) to platforms such as Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iBooks. Watch as I attempt to build author platforms across these networks and build an eBook publishing empire! There will be blood and tears!

I also love writing non fiction and have published a few titles (see books). Did I mention comics and children’s books? I use to write and draw comic adventure strips and have a brand for that at bonafidecomics.com

I have been involved in marketing and designing websites since 1997 and over the last couple of years have re-discovered my love of writing (especially fiction) and publishing. I will be documenting (as time permits) the highs and lows of a complete career change. The aim? To be completely financially free doing what I love doing: writing, creating and publishing books, whilst visiting or living in various places in the world.

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