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Over the last few years there seems to have been a few false dawns in regards to the potential the mobile phone has for marketing. The potential has been obvious ever since those old brick phones first hit the streets (I remember I had one)

Here is a glimpse into the future hybrid of Internet Marketing combined with Mobile phone and mobile device marketing that is finally happening!

The marketing landscape is morphing once again, faster than it ever did from print to web, and if you intend to stay competitive.

Before I begin my review of the product “Mobile Marketing Exposed,” let me first give you some startling, game changing statistics, concerning mobile vs. standard Internet marketing. And why you need to be aware of any products in this burgeoning new marketing sector.

•    88% of all Americans now carry mobile devices religiously and are connected all day long, wherever they go. You can even reach them while they sleep by leaving messages in there “voice mail” ready as soon as they wake up.

•    UK users spend 45% of their time using phone and communication devices according to Ofcom.

When leaving the home, the two most common possessions people claim to need are their car keys and their mobile phone. (Don’t leave home without it!)

•    For every one computer in use, there are now approximately 10 mobile devices, (cell -phones/iPads/Blackberries/etc.) in use sending and receiving information from users all throughout the day.  94% of all text messages sent are read by the recipient, with a whopping 75% of those messages read instantly, as they are received.

As you know, large companies have already been profitably exploiting these statistics by connecting with customers effectively through their mobile devices.

In “Mobile Marketing Exposed” (aff), you’ll find that individual marketers and small to medium sized companies can now effectively exploit these same methods and new technologies to profitably reach mobile customers.

One Case Study from MME: A small-time marketer was uncovered using location based text messaging to alert targeted mobile users of incredibly low automobile prices at web auctions in their area. By offering easy means for signing up to an online auction site promoted through ClickBank, he was able to make instant profits without even owning the site.

As with all new technologies, marketers will discover new and inventive ways to make money once they understand how to exploit it.

If you’re wondering how your sites fair in this burgeoning new 4.1 billion with a “B” mobile market, check out how some of your sites are displayed vs. perhaps by entering both yours and theirs into this free mobile phone simulator provided by Dotmobi.

If you’re shocked or embarrassed by the way your site is displayed to billions of mobile users you will be either happy or horrified to find that most cell phone and mobile device users will never see your site!

Mobile devices usually only access special mobile search-engines so the chance of them discovering your embarrassment is almost zero.

You see, what many cell phone and mobile device users don’t even realize is that when they search for sites online, from their phones and mobile devices their service tries to provide only results specifically optimized and relevant for being seen through the phone or device they are using.

This means your site is filtered out of results if it doesn’t display well.

It’s a brave new world of changing technologies with a network of publishers scrambling to supply content in formats that can be displayed well over this huge but complicated array of differing devices and service providers.

Fortunately, for you, “Mobile Marketing Exposed” exposes how easy it is to find tools for preparing sites that will display great on these mobile devices and get them indexed by the special search engines that people use from their phones and various mobile devices.

Google mobile search is vastly different from standard Google search, as you will see.

Marketing and promotion is also a whole new ball game through mobile applications, with a different set of rules and tools for checking return on investment. Initially it may seem like a maze to traverse but “Mobile Marketing Exposed” directs you to free tools and economical options to capitalize on the power of these mobile mediums.

Through SMS advertising, marketers are achieving an average of 12% conversion, often higher when marketers take time to utilize all of the tools available to target their audience, which are described in detail by Simon and Jeremy in this “Mobile Marketing Exposed course.

As “Mobile Marketing Exposed” explains, you can purchase SMS, text, video and other forms of direct-to-mobile-user-advertising, as easily and more affordably than buying Google Adwords, with even more incredible results.

When building a site to fit mobile device screens you will need to follow a different set of dimension recommendations and mark-up protocols. Some of you who do not have a background in designing websites for the mobile market will be elated to find the resources inside “Mobile Marketing Exposed”. Simon and Jeremy provide an plethora of online site builders and site building services to get the job done, pre-tested by them so you won’t spend time or money spinning your wheels as you begin your own transition into this exciting and profitable mobile world.

Likewise, “Mobile Marketing Exposed” offers you access to a full range of resources so no matter how big or small you are you’ll find the best tools. When you plan to enter this market, you’ll be sure to find the perfect service to fit your needs explained by Simon and Jeremy in this course.

From the one-man operation working on a shoestring budget, up to the Fortune 500, Jeremy and Simon have pulled together the resources you’ll need to get your feet wet, jump in or dive into the world of mobile marketing, successfully.

When it comes to testing your efficiency in mobile marketing, you won’t be let down either.

“Mobile Marketing Exposed” uncovers means to track an online marketing campaign’s efficiency, better than standard Internet marketing methods have provided in the past.

“Mobile Marketing Exposed” covers not only the technical side of mobile marketing, it also defines new market sectors available for marketers to set up new shops in, and exploit areas no one else is taking advantage of by pointing out many of  these new lucrative possibilities.

You’ll also be exposed to the most credible mobile Ad management companies available via Simons and Jeremy’s rigorous testing, and save time and money by avoiding unscrupulous Ad management servers.

You’ll learn how to purchase “ad power” for pennies on the dollar. And if you’re a web publisher, you’ll be happy to learn that you can make money by delivering mobile ready advertising from your mobile site, in the same way Google Adwords worked in its heyday!

There is a lot to discover in “Mobile Marketing Exposed” possibly the biggest thing, for all of us as marketers to learn is, that we can no longer afford to ignore statistics as huge as there being over 12 million people tied to their iPhone’s at this very moment in the US alone.

If you’re looking for a resource that can put you at the cutting edge of mobile marketing in the period of a day… with confidence I can say that by following the “Mobile Marketing Exposed” four video modules you will put yourself in an optimal position.

You owe it to your business to check this out immediately:

Mobile Marketing Exposed (aff link)

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