Google Slaps Squidoo

squidoo.gifA lot of Squidoo lenses got dropped from Google’s index recently as the bubble burst on the ‘Fast way to the top of Google’ ploy. It was great while it lasted, target your keywords, build a lens around it and with a few tricks here and there you could get a great ranking action thing going on.

But like any good thing, the spammers move in and spoil it for every one. One joker created 400 lenses in one day, filled purely with keywords. This is sad. The search engines are too clever for that crap now and Google slapping the entire Squidoo domain rather than individual lenses shows it is right across the board. In turn Squidoo are closing down any lenses they consider spammy. I noticed the Squidoo domain was also banned from when attempting to post a story on a lens, whether this is a temporary measure remains to be seen.

Meanwhile Lenses are still a well worthwhile marketing device, just keep to the three module rule and provide useful content.

Ed Dale and Dan Raine have a very revealing discussion in this podcast..

Seth Godwin, creator of Squidoo, is interviewed about the Google Squidoo Slap here:

Squidoo Blog on Lens Spam:

Have you had Squidoo trouble? Leave a comment and let us know..:)

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