Membership Site Income

Membership Sites are an excellent business module to look into, firstly you have steady monthly income. Multi-million dollar companies have been founded on the concept of reselling information that is already available and reselling it for vast profits.

In today’s time vanishing era people will pay to access their desired information in one place to make their lives easier, I think we can all testify to that need.
Subscription services to save people time to access the information they want will become a premium
business more so than it already is today.

Just a hundred members subscribed to you site could be 1000 – 2000 dollars
extra a month if you’re charging 10 – 20 dollars. The more valuable your content the more you
can charge. Some membership sites selling Private Label Content for Marketers charge $47 – 97 a
month and a lot more if it’s specialist content or info.

If you’re targetting outside of the Internet Marketing market you can’t
usually charge premium rates unless it’s stock broking tips or something that seriously benefits your members’ wallets, in which case the sky is probably the limit. The point is to research your market as thoroughly as possible. You don’t have to love your niche but it obviously helps, otherwise you’ll find the momentum may die.


Limited membership numbers for exclusivity

You only have to make the sale once, beyond that it’s recurring payments

You can then give your list other related offers and your members are
much more likely to buy once they’ve already parted with money to you before
and they’ll be used to see your billing on their statements.

What niches can I make my membership site about?
Great research tools are Ebay. What are people searching for and
bidding on?
Overture etc
Offline Magazines
Yahoo Answers

What kind of content can I put on there?
Good solid content that people cannot get anywhere else.
Your site is a filter for info, it may be available on free forums on Yahoo, but
the real qualityinformation is at your site .
Articles – unique quality content
Videos – a great way to put across information
Forums – create a community
Find Experts on your subject and ask them to write guest articles or a
regular spot, they will probably love the exposure. has expert writers in
many fields.
Interview the experts and put a downloadable mp3 on there.

Why would people what to join?
To save time looking for the information/content they want
To be part of a like-minded community
They may see just one tool / bonus / idea that they consider makes it
worthwhile to join.

Should I offer a FREE or low price point price?
You could Try first month at $3.95 or similiar, this can increase your
members. Depending on your niche it could be a lot more or less than this. Experiment.

Payment system
Paypal. 2co, Clickbank all support recurring payments. Perfect for

Affiliate Program
Give your members the opportunity to promote your membership site for
you in return for a recurring commission.

How do I get started? What software should I use?
the butterfly marketing script

Jeff Johnstone – Underground Confessions – Video and Audios


Need an Article – Article content

Let me know your comments!

6 Tips to Monetize Your Webpages

Here’s Five great ways to make your blog or website pay!

1. Adsense – Adding Adsense adsis by far the most popular choice with webmasters and can generate good returns if you’re generating healthy traffic. If you have set up a blog through the step by step process at the set up stage handholds you through it. On wordpress blogs you can manually add the code or use a plugin such as Adsense widget.

2. AuctionAds – This displays Ebay listings in a variety of boxes in line with your content subject matter. Ebay is a well trusted brand and this should bring a high click through rate.

3. Kontera – Context Links search out relevant search terms in your body text and add a nifty pop up box displaying a product.

4. Chitika’s eMiniMalls – These eMiniMalls brings product promotion to life on the web. Little tabbed boxes provide a with a product display, further details and a search box for further product searches. These work well for product orientated sites or blogs..perfect for review type sites.

5. Amazon – Just like Kontera, Contextualization Links spot revelant keywords in your body text and display a double underline linking to products in their inventory. Just add a line of code and that’s it!

6. Pay per Play –  A unique 100% coversion with audio advertising backed by one ofthe big 5 search engines and large advertisers

UK Floods Ravage Homes and Businesses

Whether it’s global warming or freak weather, a crisis looms like an armageddon
cloud here in the UK as it seems the whole country is battling with the floods, starting with vast areas of the midlands and north earlier in the month and now south is heavily affected.
Panic buying of water has started as water supplies have been hit with some 150,000 people reported to be without water for up to three days in Gloucestershire.
I realise other countries have had to face these same weather mishaps and our US readers will know all about storms, but here in the UK it’s been worse than the 1947 flooding.

Many businesses have virtually been wiped out.

I’m talking about shops mostly, the small businesses that operate on the high street,
but also office based businesses as well. I read most of these businesses had been told
they would not receive insurance if the floods hit again. Goodbye Livelyhood then..

This made me think how advantageous it is to be running an online business.
There’s no physical shop, very little rental overheads (assuming you’re working from home)
and you can batten down the hatches and get on with it. OK the internet could go down
entirely and then we’d all be screwed.

Anyone considering getting out of the rat race to work for themselves should consider this story.

Online business has the be the easiest option surely? The mistake many people make coming onto the Internet to make money is thinking they can press a button and get ATM style cash from their cd drive or something.

This is about working hard to build a business just like any other, but the payoff is when you’ve moved the rock to the edge of the hill then the rest is pure momentum.

Google Slaps Squidoo

squidoo.gifA lot of Squidoo lenses got dropped from Google’s index recently as the bubble burst on the ‘Fast way to the top of Google’ ploy. It was great while it lasted, target your keywords, build a lens around it and with a few tricks here and there you could get a great ranking action thing going on.

But like any good thing, the spammers move in and spoil it for every one. One joker created 400 lenses in one day, filled purely with keywords. This is sad. The search engines are too clever for that crap now and Google slapping the entire Squidoo domain rather than individual lenses shows it is right across the board. In turn Squidoo are closing down any lenses they consider spammy. I noticed the Squidoo domain was also banned from when attempting to post a story on a lens, whether this is a temporary measure remains to be seen.

Meanwhile Lenses are still a well worthwhile marketing device, just keep to the three module rule and provide useful content.

Ed Dale and Dan Raine have a very revealing discussion in this podcast..

Seth Godwin, creator of Squidoo, is interviewed about the Google Squidoo Slap here:

Squidoo Blog on Lens Spam:

Have you had Squidoo trouble? Leave a comment and let us know..:)

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