iterateThis was the inspirational kick ass non-fiction read on indie publishing I had been waiting for. With a week’s break planned in Cornwall I decided to buy and read this on the train journey. I’ve been following Johnny, Sean and Dave since the early days of their SPP podcast and avidly devoured ‘Write, Rinse, Repeat’, the prelude to this fine tome.

I’m currently working for the journey of writing and building an imprint publishing business so this fly on the wall focus on their Sterling and Stone is a compelling insight into all the growing pains, mistakes and the successes that have marked their journey since conception.

All the potential pitfalls are here and if you’re a self-published author (let’s call it indie author) or thinking about going that route you should heed the trio’s ‘smarter artist’ approach; the authorpreneur way of doing things. We’re in a world where the disruption of book publishing hasn’t even started. Traditional pre-conceptions of the industry should be put aside as you peel back the first page in your sunken armchair.

Let’s be clear, the SPP guys elaborate in their antidotes, history and examples (which I love) and if you allow yourself to go with their journey you will be hugely rewarded.

Highly Recommended. Buy here *(unless you haven’t read Write, Rinse, Repeat yet. In which case buy that first).

* I may make millions if you buy through my affiliate link