I recently picked up a handful of books, kindly given out at the Focus Seminar in London recently and have just finished the first one. I do intend to read all of them by the way – you can never stop learning.

Relax into Wealth is a very light read but packs some powerful punches when it comes to the physcology of success. The book deals with the concept of  letting yourself succeed by trusting that the universe will deliver as long as you follow, what is basically, your gut instinct. Many reading will be familiar with this train of thought and there’s been many a book written about it,. no doubt.

When I was travelling in South East Asia waaaay back in ’91 (good times) I had pretty much used up all my money after 6 months of travelling around Thailand, Malaysia and Sumatra and was heading home via Penang, Malayasia. However, I wasn’t ready to go home and somehow I just knew that I wouldn’t be, just yet.

Conciously though, I was preparing to go home and my cunning plan was to print up a load of t-shirts (with my crazy designs) and ship them back to the UK to sell there for a nice profit as I’d knew I’d be going home to absolutely nothing. I needed to get hold of blank plain t-shirts and on visiting a surf shop asking where to get them promptly got offered a job to design t-shirts! I had merely mentioned that I drew cartoon style illustrations – they liked what I showed them and I ended up staying another 2 months in Penang.

That is one example of the universe delivering for me, I have many others. Whilst in Penang I read every chapter of a book called ‘Talk and Grow Rich‘ by Ron Holland, an obvious play on Napolean Hill’s classic, which had a profound effect on me and changed my entire outlook on life. Ron Holland had used the power of the ahem..’universe’, the spoken word (persuasion) and the power of the subconcious to become a very successful entrepeneur.Talk and Grow Rich

I feel I have almost forgotten what I had learned in those years and these recent reads have brought back that invincible powerful feeling I experienced during my twenties. Right now I am feeling very much back on track and was interested to hear about a bloke on a recent TV programme who made up a powerpoint presentation of his major goals and desires, no matter how big – grand homes, thriving businesses, an international jet-set lifestyle. Today, that man is a multi-millionaire and he still uses this technique for his new targets and goals to visualise nad enforce them into his subconcious.

I am now in the process of creating my own powerpoint presentation, using imagery of places, things and goals that I really want. Check out the books to see what I’m on about and I’ll review plenty more soon.

Look forward to your comments!