To build a business online you need to have the ‘success mindset’ –  this is a massive desire to succeed because there will be ups and downs on the journey ahead to be sure. This doesn’t mean a positive mindset alone will propel you to success, but it has to be a large part of your foundation to jump ahead.

Have your main goal and vision broken into mini-goals or accomplishments toward your goal. Sometimes it’s easier to work backwards. Think of your main goal or goals and work back step by step to accomplish these goals. So your goal might be to write a book. Break that down into chapters, how many chapters would you need to write a month to complete the book within one year?

This gives you a starting point to work with and the first initial task might be to list what each chapter is to cover.

The old cliché, where do you see yourself in 5 – 10 years really applies here. Remember this is not about what your boss wants to hear – this is your own vision. Write a list and think BIG!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the information, strategies and advice to succeeding online which floods in from every direction. The key is to find a strategy that fits in with your business and stick to it.


This is a big mistake that many people make – they start on one thing and then get distracted by the latest easiest way to make millions online and just start hopping from opportunity to opportunity – which, unfortunately mostly ends up a waste of time and money. Or they constantly buy the latest courses, ebooks and products, whether it fits into their business plan or not.

Stay focused, stick to the plan and build momentum. I’ve always believed that even if you are struggling to focus on a project, try to do at least one thing a day (a phone call, email or small task) towards that project and you will slowly build momentum. You should, of course, do much more and spend powerful units of time, say three hours, completely focused on just that one project.

But make sure the plan is worthwhile first by doing your research.

So, firstly you need to know your market to succeed. The Internet has a wealth of online research tools and systems to help you here. The Google External Adwords Tool is agood place to start.
You do not need to go into virgin terrortries or re-invent the wheel to succeed, like all those inventors dragging in their crazy new ideas into the Dragons Den..(OK there’s a few good ones) But finding markets where money is already being made is a good sign and should be investigated further. This almost works in reverse in the offline world, where you wouldn’t want to open a store selling the same stuff as several other stores on the same street.

The Internet is such a huge place that there are always going to be opportunities in reach a different group of people in the same niche. However, more and more businesses are coming online every day and they are looking to dominate their niche and crush the competition. So the Internet pie will probably not last forever – it fact it’s safe to say, now is the time to get your online business started!