The work never stops it seems. You work all day, you grab your dinner and hit the PC and work on your tasks, before you know it it’s getting late, your spouse peers around the door and grumbles that they’re off to bed – ‘I’ll be up in a minute’ you say. The weekends? They’re just an opportunity to catch up on the workload.

Oh it’s so hard! and it all sounds terribly depressing but this is you working for yourself, to build your own business – your own ivory tower. Remember you’re already ahead of 95% of the whining job trolls who do nothing to help themselves – I can’t tell you how sick I was of hearing colleagues whine about their job! I would offer ideas and solutions, suggest things they could try – did they? did they get off their ass and even attempt to do something?..NO..well scr*w ’em..the looks on their faces when I quit HA!

Listen I’m ranting I know – but I have an amazing amount of passion about this, I live, breathe, eat this Internet thing and you need to as well if you want to sack the boss. Don’t forget your health, you’ll burn out (I nearly did) so take the occassional break, but don’t take your eye off the ball, don’t let it fade away and find you’re 5 years older.