This weekend we opened up our house to the public as part of an ‘art trail’ with close to 1000 people coming in to see our exhibition of work. You may or not know but I draw cartoon illustration and this weekend put on my work on show along with other artists as part of the Bristol Art Trail.

This was a great opportunity to talk with people interested in my work and hopefully sell some. Just as any online selling, building the relationship with your prospect and sharing your story is a vital part of making sales. People wanted to know about the background to the work and my first sale was based on, obviously a liking of the artwork, but also the background story to that work.

I also made sure I had a sheet so interested punters could leave their name and email updates and news. So we had the traffic (500 people on Saturday, and around 400 on Sunday), an email capture form and a variety of products (my artwork) some of which is based on a story book I will be publishing. Blowing up images to large prints from the upcoming book certainly grabbed interest and now I have a list of people gagging to buy when it is published!