Apart from JV Giveaway events, the upcoming Easter JV is immiment, Adswapping is a quick way to build your email list.

Each Marketer would have to have a free gift and squeeze page (email opt-in) for it to work and a similiar sized list. You then give each other the email copy to email out to your list and again the norm is to email at the same time. SIMPLE! Just email each others offer and watch your list grow and grow.

Here are some resources:

Matt Garret and Sean Mitz set up the excellent IM Adswaps which is well worth joining – It won’t cost you a bean.

The Warrior Forum JV section often has plenty of Adswap requests as well – one to bookmark.

Sites such as http://safe-swaps.com/ build a community of Adswappers and ensure fairness all round and an appealing marketplace to advertise yourself for an adswap.

So now you have even more reason to get a report/video or audio offer online ASAP and start building your email list!..no excuses 😉