When it comes to creating an online information publishing business you just have to look at creating a product and this is something that many would-be web entrepreneurs struggle with.

Whether it is a lack of confidence when it comes to writing or resources to outsource your product creation there will always be a reason not to get started. Having a product of your own (as a start to many more hopefully) gives you credibility as a Marketer and puts you above the millions of affiliates competing with each other to make an income. Instead affiliates will drive traffic to you and along with it sales as well as building your email list, done right.

I want to just tell how we got WordPress Plugins Guide going and what system we used to hopefully provide some inspiration, by going for the mini guide or report method.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, in fact most of the time it is better that you don’t!

Look to markets and products that are already making money, look at the current products, do your research and create a better product.

There are more than a few WordPress Plugins Guides out there, but we decided we could do a better job, so with the sleeves rolled up and a few late nights we had the Guide, a comprehesive list of WordPress Plugins that any blogger would find useful. This didn’t really take any writing ability, just a fair bit of research (and being a wordpress blogger anyway I had a fair amount of knowledge of it)

We used Rapid Action Profits (affiliate link) as the system to run the product. This gives you a system to deliver the product, an affiliate program, sales tracking, even the ability to email your buyers direct.

This system is great for small products and it gives affiliates and Joint Venture partners a big incentive in that it pays commissions straight into their paypal accounts as soon as a sale is made! So on a 50% commission, the full amount of every other sale would go to the affiliate.

Pushing on we got the templates onto the RAPS system, tested the sales process and the Guide was ready to rock. One other thing to point out, we created a One Time Offer (The Resell Rights to the Guide) as well, which should be part and parcel of any product model. You can also add and recommend other products in the guide itself to make money from from later on down the line.

Blog Posts and comments, Backlinks, Articles and Press Releases all played a part in the initial traffic jumpstart as well as approaching affiliates who would be interested in this niche. We also put out a Special Offer on the Warrior Forum, which is a great way to build a list and make a few sales along the way.

So far we’ve sold 60 copies with almost half (50%) choosing the upsell!

Making quickfire reports and guides is a great way to start your product creation process, with a relevant back-end and affiliate promotion within the product or alongside it.

One way of looking at it is to see each mini guide as a stepping process to creating a larger product down the line. Think of it as releasing your ‘singles before bringing out the album 🙂

Check Out the RAPS System here (aff)