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A new year is here and with it big plans. Let’s not mention that 2022 is pronounced ‘2020 too’ and move on swiftly to brighter more positive things.

It seems I only post to this blog in the new year so one of many new year’s resolutions is to fix that and post more often. I definitely need to redefine this blog a bit and refocus it on my journey as well as highlight the cluster of publishing, creative and marketing services and products I can offer.

The last few years have been up and down, as most people will have experienced with the ‘C-word and the subsequent tidal wave unleashed on us all. I focused on key areas in the business, keeping a few clients happy and chipping away at my writing. Alongside that, I have felt a general disconnect and really need to find my tribe again, both in personal circles and in my business.

A huge help in focusing on my personal and business journey has been joining Alex Louise’s Money Mastermind group. Highly recommended.

General overall goals

To get to financial freedom figure as soon as possible. This is the figure needed to not have to just scramble around to cover the costs of basic needs.

To continue learning/training to be able to effectively advertise our books.

Look at building more relationships and focus on personal health as a priority.

More fun stuff, and breaks to unwind and declutter the mind. I tend to go into an automatic workaholic mode for long periods and it’s not good.

The Business

I want to continue building Bonafide Media into a company and find a small trusted team to work with. This company is the umbrella to imprint brands such as Dark Paradigm Publishing and in the future other focused imprints. There’s a lot of potential for creative projects here and I still yearn to return to the drawing board and somehow link my love of scribbling into a project or two.

Online Brands

Build up Author Help Hub with additional eCourses and services as well as possibly branching into video/podcasting to grow our audience there.

Book Projects for 2022

Fiction: Projects under Jay Tinsiano:

Publish Black Horse
Write and possibly publish Pale Horse
Other Project(s) (undecided):

A new Frank Bowen book or volume. A recent poll of my readers indicated they wanted more Bowen stories.
A Cold War Thriller for Digital First Publisher. This idea is appealing. A fresh brand new world in an area that I’m fascinated by.
A Dystopian/PA/sci-Fi series I’m toying with that ties in with the Dark Paradigm Universe but hundreds of years in the future.

Other considerations:

Rebranding the Frank Bowen and Dark Paradigm series with new covers is tempting as I’m not sure they 100 per cent hit the mark in terms of market positioning. This would take considerable investment though so is a bit of a block.

Other Non-fiction Projects under Jerry Holliday

Expand Indie Authors Roadmap and publish as a paperback and Audiobook.

Work on second Author related project.

That’s it for now. I was inspired to write this by Joanna Penn’s New Year blog post here.

It really does mentally help to have defined goals to strive towards. The trick is not to forget them!

Jerry Holliday