A new publishing aggregator to rival Smashwords is in town.

Within the last few years e-books have become more and more popular and the publishing industry has gone through some big changes. Digital distribution has made it easier than ever before to bring your book to an audience and Draft2digital is the newest tool for budding indie authors.

Created by self-published writers, Draft2digital is a new online publishing service that is free to sign up to. There’s no charge for uploading any of your books or for publishing them online.

Draft2Digital claim to give you a very high level of quality formatting in both e-book and paperback at no upfront cost to you.

You can upload a .doc,docx or a .rtf and add details onto the same page with ease. These are features like title, back cover, info and which BISAC categories you want the work to be listed under.

You can also upload your own cover art and chapter titles.

Draft2digital gives you the option to add dedication pages, a copyright page, a title page and a about the author page. They’re automatically generated so you actually just have to press a button and it’s done for you.

Once you’ve done all the uploading and tweaks you can save it and download it to make sure it looks the way you want it to.

What you now have is an e-version that can be used on all these platforms:

Then you publish and your book is ready to sell.

It’s not just the quick and easy publishing that is attractive about this site. There are many more positives to the site in general.

It’s a very author-friendly website, easy to navigate with a clutter free look. It has recognition that helps you create the chapter titles and headers. With these it then creates a table of contents with making it easy to work on different sections of your work. Meta pages (copyright etc) are very simple to create, these are usually forgotten about by writers because they’re focusing on the story and the mechanics of the book itself. Draft2digital makes it quick and easy to do these and takes the stress out of it.

An obvious but very well done feature to the site is you can preview your book for each type of e-reader. If you don’t have the specific software to do this it also gives you a link to the software that makes previews possible.

After you have uploaded and published your work it gives you the opportunity to group your books by series. Giving you and others to add to a collection in the future.

Unlike smashwords there isn’t any specific style you have to adhere to and the over all user experience seems to be easier for first time e-publishers.

It’s early days but this new platform looks very promising.

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Author: Clare Lowe