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Mark Dawson’s Ads for Authors course has been setting the standard for Self-Published authors for a few years now and has a reputation for quality along with Mark’s other systems. Ads for Authors typically opens its doors only twice a year, currently open for twenty days or so before enrolment closes.

Who is Mark Dawson?

Mark Dawson is a tremendously successful self-published author who has sold millions of books that bring in 6 to 7 figures mainly off the back of advertising, so it’s safe to say you’ll be in good hands. He has openly shared his sales and revenue figures with screenshots and live dashboard sharing at conferences and online, so it’s all real. He also started the Self Publishing Show, Fuse Books (imprint) and Hello Books (Book Promotion) with James Blatch.

What is the course?

Ads for Authors is a selection of video courses supported with PDF downloads to help authors navigate the sometimes complex Ad platforms used to drive sales of their books.

What can the course teach you?

Some of the course bundles are taught by other experts.

Facebook Ads for Authors by Mark Dawson

Advanced FB Ads for Authors by Mark Dawson

Facebook Messenger Bots for Authors by Mark Dawson

Ad Design for Authors by Stuart Bache

Amazon Ads for Authors by Janet Margot (There is also a legacy course by Mark Dawson on Amazon Ads)

Bookbub Ads by Caryn Robertson

YouTube for Authors by Garett Robinson

TikTok for Authors

How to write better, simpler ads by Bryan Cohen

You also get bonus SPF university mini-course bundles that include webinar workshops to help authors use key players in the industry such as BookFunnel, PublishDrive, ProlificWorks and more.

There are also additional mini-courses that you can purchase separately. Some examples include:

How to write a Bestseller by Suzy K Quinn

Cover Design for Authors by Stuart Bache (Books Covered)

Copy Editing by Hayley Milliman

..and more!

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Ads for Authors course review

Is Ads for Authors for you?

It’s no magic bullet or click-button route to instant success. This course will only work for authors who are prepared to invest their time and money into actually going through the system and taking action.

So, going into the course, some writers underestimated the time needed to go through each subject. I focused on Amazon Ads and Bookbub ads rather than Facebook or YouTube as those platforms were the ones I wanted to focus on at the time.

You don’t have to do it all. Not at once, anyway. Perhaps try out one platform at a time and see what works for you.

After following the course materials, you’ll also need a budget for advertising your books on Facebook, Amazon, and Bookbub. It doesn’t have to be a fortune. Mark suggests toe-dipping with $5-10 days regarding Facebook campaigns. Ads for Authors is for writers who want to treat their book publishing as a business rather than a hobby.

What I like is that it’s a one-time, admittedly sizeable investment, so there are no recurring membership costs. The SPF guys add new material and keep it updated, which you’ll also get access to going forward. That keeps the course future-proofed with updates and changes in the industry.


If you’re an author starting on your first book and need to know the basics of self-publishing, I would first look at our free Ecourse: Indie Publishing Roadmap and Mark’s other course, Self Publishing Launchpad. Moving beyond publishing and platform-building basics, Ads for Authors is the next natural step in your Indie Author Journey. It is perfect for those who want to become full-time authors and publishers, as you’ll learn the essential skills to sell books online.

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Full affiliate disclosure: If you sign up through any of the above links I stand to receive an affiliate commission. This helps me pay the bills and keep producing content for you, so thank you!

Jerry Holliday