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When you’re a self-published indie author or small imprint you will need to deliver ebooks to readers, subscribers, supply advanced copies or review copies to your readers and that can involve a lot of support.

Then, thank the powers that be (and the creator: Damon Courtney) for bookfunnel!

Options for reader starting with ‘What device do you own?’ and then they can drill down through the options depending on their preferred choice.


If at any point they struggle there is a ‘contact support’ option and bookfunnel will handle the support requests for you. This is what makes this service such a valuable arsenal to your publishing business.

I think it was Mark Dawson who said he was wading through multiple support requests every day for ebook download problems that ate into his writing time and any author will know this frustration. Letting bookfunnel handle the support and delivery allows you to focus on other aspects of your business (like writing the next damned book).

Adding your books:

After signing up under one of the plans you can begin adding books right away by uploading PDF, MOBI and ePUB versions, your cover and basic title and description. Bookfunnel then generates a unique link that you can pass onto your readers.

Each book gives you a nice dashboard of stats so you can check your download rates and other info including the type of device (Kindle Fire, iOS device etc) your readers used and which type of file (PDF, Mobi or Epub).


You can generate any number of links for the same book if you wish to split out your stats. This gives you data on your reader behaviour and is a fantastic

Use different links (gives you basic download rates)
Authors are using bookfunnel as a delivery system for serials, exclusive books for their lists, bonus materials.

The payment plans start from $20 per year (for up to 500 downloads a month) to a premium plan for $250 per year which gives you unlimited books/downloads, 3 pen names and advanced features.

Bookfunnel have added a Bookfunnel certified mail feature for Midlist, Bestseller and Small Publisher plans.

Bookfunnel certified mail enables you to email unique ARC links and the books are watermarked. You can remind readers and follow up with anyone who hasn’t downloaded the book yet to give them a prod. All data is available as a downloadable CSV file.

Book Group Promotions.
Authors can create multi-book promo pages via the BookFunnel Bundles Bulletin Board. Post up your preferred genre or niche and invite other authors to join. Or just join an existing promo. The usual procedure is all authors promote the page and then each author can export their opt-ins. I’ve participated in a few with mixed results, but mostly worthwhile.

Future plans include giveaway campaigns and integration with popular email platforms like aweber and mailchimp.

Any author or publisher serious about creating their own lead magnets and product funnels need to get on board with this now. You’ll love it.

Jerry Holliday