update: Unfortunately Vook are no longer offering this service

Recently I daydreamed about a platform that could import and merge sales data from all the major self-publishing platforms: KDP, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords etc and make sense of it. Industry pioneers; Amazon and Apple can only offer downloadable spreadsheets that are hard to navigate and a generic dashboard bar chart.

Investigating further I found App Annie that supplies an intelligent app analytics as well as ebook data for Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. Unfortunately there is no option for Kobo and Nook or any other ebook publishing service.

Moving on I found Vook. Now this looks like a great service and can import account sales data from the following:

Amazon Kindle
Createspace POD

You just add your account details and the system imports your data. You can then sort sales by book, platform, display and date range.


My only gripe is there’s currently no real-time updates and it doesn’t include draft2digital as a platform. Still, it’s a step in the right direction and I highly recommend!

I would be interested to hear about any other similar services for self publishers.