Right now I am selling or giving away the last of my possessions, trying to tie up a million loose ends, saying goodbye to friends and family…and generally panicking.

In around a month’s time I will be flying to Gran Canaria to meet up with a group of digital nomads who have perhaps once gone through the same process before boarding the nomad cruise bound for the Caribbean.

Prepping for the nomad lifestyle

Prepping for the nomad lifestyle

Much as I’d love another six months preparation time, that ship will sail and I’m determined not too miss it.

Rewind five years or so.

Running a struggling business, on the tail-end of a divorce, renting out my living room because I couldn’t make ends meet. I remember flipping through International Living magazine, just dreaming — because that’s all I could do. It felt like being strapped to a runaway train that was steaming to the end of the track.

Things slowly improved over the next few years and a fire was reignited as I witnessed the global digital nomad movement gain momentum and watched videos of people living their dreams in far off lands.

So, after years of careful planning and lining up the ducks the moment is finally here. The notices are in with the landlord and the employer while fear, mixed with excitement simmer under the surface in equal measure.

There have been a last minute issues such as the dive in the value of sterling, that was a bitch. Plus a few higher pre-costs than expected such as all the vaccinations, new kit, updated glasses and all the few thousand other things you have to do when giving up your life and hitting the road.

But they’re small problems to overcome, mere insignificant gripes, as I look forward to immersing in travel, writing, meeting like minded nomads and getting my teeth into launching an exciting book imprint.

There’s also the dreamy prospect of sipping exotic drinks from a hammock pondering the next novel plot-lines leaving just one question: Am I there yet?