I’m Jerry Holliday

This blog is focused solely on my passions; writing, indie publishing, travel, creativity, well-being and whatever else crops up.

Over the last decade, I have re-discovered my love of writing (especially fiction) and publishing. I will be documenting (as time permits) the highs and lows of a complete career change. The aim? To be completely financially free, doing what I love doing: writing, creating and publishing books.

Currently, I am focused on building the parent brand of Bonafide Media that serves as an umbrella for several other brands. Currently Bonafide Media is a digital marketing agency with a sister Bonafide Media Publishing for books and web assets.

Our fiction publishing imprint (Dark Paradigm Publishing) publishes my Thriller/Post-Apoc/Sci-fi fiction under the pen-name of Jay Tinsiano.

I also love writing non-fiction and have published a few titles under Bonafide Media Publishing (see books) Did I mention comics and children’s books? I use to write and draw comic adventure strips and have a brand for that at bonafidecomics.com

Finally, all the knowledge and skills have been channeled into Author Help Hub, that publishes content around getting self-published and offers publishing agency services. There is also a free email course, Indie Publishing Roadmap, with more to come.

I also run Bonafide Media, an umbrella brand for several book and web identities. We also offer author services, digital marketing and website design.

Years Experience

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“I can help with your content creation, online marketing and publishing.”

My Skills

I write for individuals, companies and blogs. I’ve also been known to write and publish books. Sometimes I even help companies build their content strategy, drive SEO, and create their entire information architecture.

From copywriting to graphics, my skills have been carefully honed over the previous twenty or more years positioning me perfectly to oversee projects – big and small.

  • Content Strategy
  • Copy Writing
  • Publishing
  • Web Design

I’m a sucker for fine words. The World needs more of them. You can help.

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