Attain Response F5 Marketing System Review

I’ve spent the last month or so testing out a new autoresponder with a difference, Attain Response. There are 3 main elements to thisĀ  marketing system: Media F5, Mail F5 and Marketing F5.

These so called Tools of Attraction pool together for a unique web-based email & video communication platform that has the potential to help businesses, online entrepreneurs and marketers leap ahead of the competition.

Mail F5
The hosting solution behind this allows you to send video and audio enhanced email campaigns, upload database lists, use capture forms in web media and follow up with targetted autoresponder emails.

Media F5
All media can be stored and streamed from here enabling you to reach audiences around the world to both emails and websites. with Live Broadcast, Video Conference, and media you can publish to both emails and websites.

Marketing F5
The heart of the system, from here you can launch campaigns, newsletters and capture leads. Integrate that powerful video media into your own branded email templates or choose from a wide selection.

Every marketer and online business should know list building and an autoresponder is one of the most important online marketing elements for building your online business foundations.

Most go for Aweber (aff) which has excellent deliverability and increasingly intuitive features and Infusionsoft offers an impressive marketing automation system. You can read a useful review on Infusionsoft right here.

By all means Attain Response does not have the smooth mechanics as Aweber and the amount of html code for the website opt-in is pretty horrendous, and should be a lot lot less.

When working with templates the system can really slow down – if you go back and make changes and re-save, there is a massive amount of space created in the stylesheet code which turns editing or doing anything into the equivalent of crawling through roadtar with a spacesuit on – at best.

I have raised this issue with support as well as numerous other glitches but have not had a satisfacory response. I am no longer using this system for myself and dread having to use it for some exisiting clients. Aweber is like a racehorse compared to this!

As a result of continuing problems I am no longer recommending this system to any clients – but watch this space!

6 thoughts on “Attain Response F5 Marketing System Review

  1. The one thing you didn’t mention is 99% of the emails sent from HelloWorld / Attain Response go directly into people’s junk mail… As far as I’m concerned its a piece of junk that should be avoided unless you like wasting money…

  2. Hi Harold,
    Several clients of ours have not had these problems, in fact they have had great responses – but I understand there are always going to be glitches with systems like this.

    I would bang on at Attain Response support about your issue – it may be spam words flagging up in the copy.

  3. Clearly you have some other issue you are upset about and this is clouding your “so-called” review. At the beginning of the year, our delivery to the inbox use to be average however since May of 2010 it has been one of the best in the industry. I can anyone who is interested 3rd party delivery monitoring statistics.

    Also, no system is perfect not even Aweber or Constant Contact. Aweber requires double opt in which decreases your lists size by over 20%. Constant Contact doesn’t have autoresponders.

    Anyway, if you are a potential customer and are interested in AttainResponse/comF5 then don’t let this joker prevent you from giving us a try. If you give us a try I am sure you will agree that our system is top notch.

    We have over 10,000 customers. If we were as bad as this person says we would have about zero :).

  4. Hi Wade,

    I’m glad you say things have improved as the concept behind AR is fantastic however this ‘joker’ is speaking from personal experience which is what I’m sure ‘reviews’ should be all about.

  5. F5 is not a good system full of glitches. The management team is Very unprofessional. Wade that means you.

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