An afternoon at the Google office

I recently visited the London office of Google as part of Google Adwords push to connect with agencies with help and support for their clients. It was good to see some of the offices, although I didn’t have time to have a look around the whole space (I’ll be back!).

Sandeep Menon, head of small business marketing, opened the afternoon session with some facts and figures on how the UK is leading the way in the digital economy (£100bn pa over 7% GDP) and #1 country for e-commerce which I didn’t realise. There’s loads on great info for stat junkies over at Connected Kingdom.

Google Engage DayI’m not going to delve too deeply here but just wanted to get some topline points across if you are using Adwords.

Relevance was hinted at been the most important factor for landing page quality score when planning your adwords campaigns. This’ll be of no surprise to adwords experts but organising your campaigns into relevant groups as well as naming them correctly is important.

So a campaign should separate out their ads into sections and relevant keywords for each ad group. Seperate and clearly name all campaigns (search, content, mobile)

  • For ads on the search network it was suggested there are no more than 5-6 ad groups, between 5-20 keywords including negative keywords and 1-3 text ads.
  • For text ad varieties ensure you change all the text, not just the first line and use the keyword insertion tool if you can.
  • Don’t duplicate keywords and ad groups.
  • Delete or pause what is not working as it affects your overall account performance

Improving CTR

  • Raise your bids and look at improving your Quality Score
  • Ensure ads have keywords in the headline
  • Make sure your landing pages are RELEVANT to the keyword list

Future stuff: Adwords will soon enable you to just target tablets like the iPad, great for getting through to the more affulent. Also mobile ads will enable users to click and download straight from the ad text.

Many businesses have had a nasty taste in the mouth left from Google Adwords, many having had their accounts shut down without warning, or simply struggled with getting a decent CTR (Click through Rate). I can say that these concerns were certainly voiced at the end feedback Q and A session.

Get Started with Facebook Ads

Facebook are taking on Google in the Pay per Click game and have been for a few years now. There has been a tidal wave of Info products around Facebook advertising recently which is starting to capture Marketers imaginations because of the targetted way you can put you mini ads in front of many many eyeballs.

Want to target Facebook users who live in Alaska who are female and love ice hockey, tattoos and the world of warcraft game? No problermo. With this individual targetting it’s easy to see the potential in getting traffic with this method and depending how you set up your ads this can be a lot cheaper than using Google adwords.

Here’s a quick run through on setting up a Facebook Ads campaign

1. Log into Facebook and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page until you see the advertising link. On the next screen you’ll see the advertising landing page. Click ‘Create an Ad’

2. Ad Title, description, URL and a pic is next. Test multiple campaigns with a different Titles, images and then go with the one with the best results.

3.As you type in your target countries in the next section you’ll notice the estimated reach change on the right hand side.

4. If you’re advertising a particular product or service aimed at gender, age you can target them here. Likes and interests will throw up suggestions on a drop down which you can accept or ignore, but they are likely to be popular phrases people have put in their profiles so have a play and see what comes up.

5. Advanced demographics give you deeper targeting options such as people on their birthdays, which gender they’re interested in, what languages they speak and their relationship status.

6.Next up is choosing your budget, currency and timezone. Bear in mind your timezone if you’re targetting ads to Australians but you are based in the UK otherwise your campaign will be dead in the water before you’re out of the starting block.

7.That’s it! Review your ad and place the order..

Whether you’re selling wedding photography, design services, gaming, CPA offers or promoting as an affiliate (although you’ll need landing sites/pages rather than just using a naked affilate link) Facebook ads offer a massive audience reach.

If you are promoting products and services as an affiliate but don’t have the desire to set up a landing page or website my following blog post looks at an popular, equally targetted platform that allows (at the time of writing) straight affiliate links.