50 Promotion Tips for Authors and Publishers

50cover210wideYou relish the moment. The book is finally finished. Not just written but edited and proofread. You are ready to push that big red launch button that will propel it out to the world.

Except, you already know deep down that the hard work hasn’t even started yet.

50 Book Promotion Ideas is a brainstorm on selling more books and improving the visibility of your book.

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Your Internet Pie

Your Internet PieYour Internet Pie shows you how to take your passion, expertise and knowledge, create a product or service and build it into a sustainable and fruitful online business.

All the pieces of the pie are here:

How to check your ideas are profitable and in demand
Organize your online business using smart devices and the cloud
Setting up your web pages and blogs
Creating great Info products like ebooks, podcasts, videos, webinars and more
Using Publish on demand to unleash your expertise through books
Building a happy email list
Use the viral power of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Search Engine Optimization – The truth!
8 other Traffic generating strategies

Discover the vital ingredients you need to make a successful Internet Pie Today!


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