Over the Christmas holidays I was in Ireland and on a very pleasant walk in the snow we had a Robin Redbreast bird follow us up a lane, he was real friendly.

As you might see in the video this little bird landed on my hand at one point, very cool.

[flashvideo file=”http://www.jerryholliday.com/video/birdy1.flv” /]

It was hard not to admire this little creature that was so unafraid of me (me being 6”3). If we could all be ‘unafraid’ of what might happen, go wrong, not work – we might get ahead quicker and be more successful!

Taking the bull by the horns has to be on your new year agenda, it certainly will be on mine!

Here’s a brainstorm of a few things you look at for your business no matter what level you are at.

1. If you’ve not made a cent online yet and are unsure of how to move forward or get out of a rut take a look at your key strengths and see what you can create in that area. To create a product firstly you need to roll up your sleeves and do some research. Yes..boring, but you will save yourself a load of time and money!

Look in trade magazines on your niche, see what other products are on the market. Could you do better?

Use Google to research keyword phrases and Insights for growing trends.

Use the search engines to see what else is online. Are there lots of sponsored ads? This could mean your market is hot and money is being made.

2. If you’ve created a product or service and made a few sales but not enough, then ask what is enough?

Set targets for Sales and focus on some key areas.

Traffic and Conversion is a good place to start! Can you increase the traffic either through blog/website banner ads, ezine ads, PPC, Video marketing, Press Releases or through advertising in offline trade magazines.

Do what you can to increase traffic.

3. Many marketers just focus on their affiliates and Joint Venture Partners. Make sure you have a decent affiliate program with plenty of tools (banners, pre-written emails, ready made PPC Ads etc) and an opt-in to build your list of affiliates.

Start an excel sheet for target JV partners and work out want you can offer them over and beyond the standard approach. Offer a bigger percentage or a bonus product they can use as content.

4. Struggling to create that product? Don’t get overwhelmed by the thought of it. I’ll always remember Jimmy D Brown saying, ‘If you can’t create a product within 30 days, then don’t create that product.”

The point is keep it achieveable. I’m the first for this, constantly improving and adding things!

Video and Audio certainly make product creation a lot less time consuming than a ebook. Audio is probably the easiest way of creating product through interviewing experts in your market or podcasts of you talking, perhaps with a friend interviewing you, if you’re the expert. Use Skype and Pamela software that records your call straight to an MP3 file.

Plan your front-end giveaway, main product, and an upsell. What extra stuff can you offer? You don’t always have to create new content. Transciptions of your podcasts and videos can be used. The content on a physical DVD (shipped for peanuts by Kunaki)

5. Sales Process. How easy is your offer and upsells to buy? Work on this customer journey and if you can afford to invest then do so. Infusionsoft and 1ShoppingCART both do 1-click ordering.

6. Make connections. Network more. You don’t know who you’ll meet! And it can actually be fun hanging out in the bar with millionaires 🙂

7. Create your roadmap and get started and take Action (yes that old chestnut). Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, adjust as you go, but please, just do it!!

Happy New Year!