Building your online business must have solid foundations just like a house. Would you build on a swamp? No, but 95% people fail to make money online because they fail to build solid foundations.

Firstly you need to value your time. How much is every hour of your time worth to you? Time is the only resource you will never get back! Secondly you only have 24 hours in a day in which you need to sleep, eat and have a life! If you are working mammoth hours doing all the things you need to do to build and run your business without time with your family / loved ones / friends then you’ll either end up with ill health, stress or worse!

Scaling up your business so that you get automation and recurring income ensures you are building a business that can grow. The great thing about a smaller online world is that you can outsource at a very low cost.

To see why you may need to outsource and scale up your business just take a look at the following elements that make up the cogs in your Internet Business machine:

Site Development * Merchant Accounts * Content Creation * Blog * Articles * Video * List Building * Bonuses * Sales Letters * Affiliate Program * SEO * Joint Venture Recruitment * RSS Feed * Customer Service * Surveys * Keyword Research * Legal Uses * Insurance * Advertising

..the list goes on

Before you choke on your coffee most online entrepreneurs have started somewhere and not had the learning resources or knowledge available at hand to be aware of all these elements and had to make mistakes, waste time and money.

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