There’s a couple of things I noticed when speaking to people who are in the early stages of getting started online.

They have no shortage of  projects and ideas and enthusism initially – in fact there are way too many. We all know how easy it is to be sucked into ‘SOS’ (Shiney object Syndrome), start checking out some other great method and before you know it your on the road to starting another ‘project’.  This is where the problems start, too many tasks to do, results become fuzzy and motivation takes a massive dive.

I was a nightmare for multiple projects – a year or so ago I was involved in two company start ups and dozens of projects and it may seem obvious but when you’re in the middle of a quadmire it’s bloody hard to get out. I cut myself free of many projects in the end and it’s made a massive difference to my motivation, results and sanity!

Take your top project and focus solely on that until it is a success and then move onto the next one. When the motivation dips have your main reason for working toward success in the form of an image on your wall (Mine is a picture of Belize – it does wonders 😉