kindleAnother year flies by and I have suddenly realised I haven’t blogged since June! There has been a lot of changes in the indie publishing world (or self publishing world, if you prefer).

Amazon Kindle continue to add changes with the latest roll out of their CPC programme, where an author can run an ad campaign and have their books show up on other author’s Amazon pages. There is a minimal spend of $100. I personally won’t be trying it until I have some more inventory out there as pushing one book will probably end up as a loss maker. A first book of a series might be another matter. Here’s a good blog post on the ins and outs of the programme. Joanna Penn mentioned in her podcast recently that she hadn’t been able to spend much money – i.e. very few clicks. We’ll see how it pans out.

Last year, Kindle Unlimited added possible opportunities to get paid for free downloads. As usual there’s a mix of success reported by various authors and I can’t say I have great success with it.

I’m swaying in the camp of ‘getting your books out across as many platforms as possible – mainly because of the increase in the number of those platforms. There is Scribd, Oyster, which are looking like cool platforms but the main contender to Amazon is hot on its heels. Apple ibooks is reportedly growing in market share.

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